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Thai Style Prawn salad

This salad is a combination of colors with the white onion, red prawn and cucumber’s green.. When enjoying this dish, you could feel the lightly hot flavor and a little sourness within a bite. Components: Prawn, onion, carrot, celery, persicaria, chilies, peanut, prawn, spices.

Braised chicken with ginger

Braised chicken with ginger is very tasty when served with rice. Having a bowl of rice in the middle of winter with a yellow spicy chicken, what an irresistible joy! Components: Chicken, ginger, garlic, spices

Cabbage and ”Thac lac” fish soup

“Thac lac” fish is very delicious; it’s naturally sweet and very nourishes so the dishes prepared from this kind of fish are very much popular. The soup with cabbage and shrimp taste, smell fragrant with delicious seafood and especially tasty when eaten hot. Components : “Thac lac” fish, onion, cabbage, spring onion, spices

“Loc” fish (Snakehead fish)

Snakehead fish is a very familiar kind of protein with Vietnamese people, especially in the Mekong river delta areas. This kind of fish has sweet taste, less bone and can be easily processed into nutritious delicacies, good for health as sour soup, fried, grilled or braised ...

Steamed “Cam” (Orange) fish with soy sauce

“Cam” fish (literally Orange fish in Vietnamese) is a kind of sea fishes, could be found in the Central Vietnam, especially in the spring. One “Cam” fish could be weight at around 1,5kg, has a lot of meat taste very sweet and tender, very easy to create many amazing dishes. Steamed “Cam” fish with soy sauce and ginger is an amazing with irresistible smell that make you couldn’t forget its taste. Components : “Cam” fish, ginger, spring onion, soy sauce, spices

Steamed clams with lemongrasses

The significant sweetness of fresh clams with chilies’ spicy, aroma of lemongrass or the hotness of ginger will create an unforgettable dish. Components : Clams, lemongrasses, chilies, fish sauce, spices

Braised frog with garlic

Soft, hot, moreish and well-done braised frog will be covered by a layer of garlic sauce, very suitable for your family’s meals Components : Frog, sauté, garlic, spring onion, spices

Braised pork belly in a clay pot

As in winter, a pot of braised pork belly with warm you up and make your meal more palatable Components: Pork belly, garlic, chilies, spices

Simmered shrimps with tamarind

This dish has a vibrant colorful look, quick and simple way to cook; moreover, it could blow your mind away with the natural sweetness of fresh shrimp and the lightly sour-sweet sauce on top and the charming smell of Vietnamese coriander. Components: Shrimp. Fresh tamarind, spring onion, Vietnamese coriander, fish sauce and spices.

Braised “Bống” fish in the clay pot

Braised “Bống” fish in the clay pot is a very familiar and attractive dish in all Vietnamese families’ meals. A plate of braised fish, a bowl of Vietnamese soup, a small dish of Thai eggplant with shrimp paste always create us an unless inspiration while enjoying. Components: Fish, pork belly, spring onion, galingale, ginger, spicies and Vietnamese coriander